Saturday, December 4, 2010

URGENT - Please Read Immediately


Welcome to Haud Pluvia, home to the Haud Pluvia Horde, a family comprised of Vampires, Lycans and Humans alike.  A recent unfortunate event has prompted the urgent need to clarify some basic expectations of Standards of Conduct on the home SIM.  For that reason, Part 9 in the teaching series regarding the various Bloodlines Potions will be delayed till tomorrow so that this urgent matter can be addressed.
The SIM located in the 00 Jesso Region is our home residential territory.  You are welcomed and encouraged to use and enjoy this SIM as your home base, and feel free to set your home location on the family terrain if you desire.  The 00 Jesso Region is our common home base if you will, and people live there.  Therefore, there are a few Standards of Conduct we request you observe on our land to ensure the ambiance remains consistent and that we do not compromise other's enjoyment of the SIM.  Please respect these basic rules at all times, and enjoy yourselves.

Treat this SIM as you would your own home, and conduct yourself as you would at home.
Interact with others on the SIM and develop lasting friendships with other visitors.
Respect others privacy while interacting or changing indoors.
Respect the sanctity of the Private Residences.  These are other's homes.
Have fun and be yourself.  The SIM is here for your enjoyment, it's the only purpose.
Donate to the maintenance and upkeep of the SIM as your heart and ability allow, though there is NO EXPECTATION or REQUIREMENT to donate.  If you can, great, if you can't, that's okay too.

Grief or otherwise harass visitors on the SIMs.
Employ extensive profane or overly vulgar language in Local Chat.  Save profanity for Private IM please.
Change clothing or display your avatar in nude situations outside of the buildings, in public common areas.  Keep all nudity indoors please.
Ignore Local Chat in favor of Voice Chat.  Not all visitors have voice capability, ensure they remain included to the extent possible.
Engage in Sexual Activity or Sexual Gestures in outdoor public common areas, keep that private. (Private areas have been provided for that activity indoors, we encourage the use of those indoor areas.)
Bring private drama onto the SIMs.  If you don't wish for family members and visitors to discuss the matter, keep your private business to yourself.  What you do in your private SL life is none of the family's concern, unless you make our concern, so keep that stuff private.
Make a donation to the SIMs and then think that you have purchased some form of amnesty from the Basic Standards of Conduct on the SIMs.
Rezz objects or crates that you do not intend to pick up when you are finished with them.  We are a PRIM based residential SIM, so please leave nothing behind when you are finished visiting.  (If you reside on the SIM, please adhere to your agreed PRIM usage limit.)
Violate a person's private home.  If you don't live there, don't go in there without permission, and this includes "camming".  Just as you expect and demand privacy in your RL home, so others should expect that here. (The Tavern and mausoleum are public areas to use.)

Age play, or adult role-play with child avatars, is strictly forbidden, and any references or play in Pedophilia will be cause for Immediate and Permanent Banishment from the Haud Pluvia SIM and family.
Employment or placement of malicious script, copy bots, chat bots, or other tools that Violate the Terms of Service of Linden Labs Second Life User Agreement.
Forms of hate speech that violate Racial, Ethnic, Religious or Sexual Orientation as it pertains to another person's First Life (Real Life) experience and are not within the realms of strictly agreed upon Role Play.  (These role plays if agreed to between parties, should be limited to Private IM only.)
Stalking behaviors will not be tolerated under any circumstances.  No means no.  No excuses.
At Haud Pluvia the concept of family is very important to us.  We intend to take the concept of family seriously to ensure that all who commune with us know how much we love and care for them.  To us, family is far more than simply a group tag or affiliation.  It's also far more than a place to come hang out and meet new friends.  Family genuinely cares about what's happening to you, and goes above and beyond what's expected to be as supportive as possible when you need support.  We accept all people, in whatever form they choose to express themselves each day.  None should ever feel like an outsider in a family.  At Haud Pluvia we don't judge others.  All are welcome, vampire/lycan/donor or not.  Neko or Fae, Human or alien, Dog or Cat, Elemental or even Mushroom.  No matter who you are, if you're above the age of legal majority, there's a place for you at Haud Pluvia.  You simply need to reach out to others.  Families are patient, loving, kind, accepting, and when needed.....well....tough loving as well.  There's a saying that "Only your real friends will tell you the truth".  Well, truth be told, only your "family" will ever give you the entire truth about yourself when you need it.  And they do this out of love for you.  At Haud Pluvia we are open, and honest.  We are accepting and forgiving.  We love each equally.  There is no status barrier here.  The Queen is no more important than our most junior vampire.  We all make contributions that make our family stronger.   Each of us has our strengths and weaknesses, but no one person's strengths are any more important than another's.  We're a family, and you should reach out to us for support and guidance when you need us.  Don't ever sit back silent waiting for others to notice something's wrong.  Reach out, get involved, offer your talents.

If you have any questions, or require any form of clarification of the SIMs rules, please contact Aklanin Montpenier or Donovan OHanlon directly.  We'd both be happy to assist you in any way we can.

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