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TOOLS OF THE TRADE - Part 4 - The Blood Cask or Tank

THE TOOLS OF THE TRADE - Part 4 - The Blood Cask or Tank

THE BLOOD CASK (TANK):  It's a common fact that you can only maintain a maximum amount of 5 Full Liters of Blood within your body at any given time.  Though this is a convenient no-cost method of carrying your blood with you, the blood inside your body will deplete over time in the absence of a protection amulet to guard against the effects of the curse.  So therefore, blood in your body is blood consumed over time.  Further, to offer that blood to someone else to feed them has a two-fold effect.  First, it depletes Vital Blood from you, and Second, it requires you physically present to offer that blood to another to aide them.  Wouldn't it be nice to have a way to store more blood, or to make your owned blood available to others when you're not online?  Wouldn't it be nice to have a secure way to leave this blood out for your friends and loved ones without a need to post guards to protect it?  These are all possible thanks to the Bloodlines Cask and Tank storage systems.
The Cask (or Tank) is a storage container that you can use to carry around large volumes of additional blood, and it can be used to drain off excess blood from your body to allow you more room to hunt or feed from others.  They appear as a Cask or Tank respectively (depending on which you procure) and have built in security features that you can set to avoid the theft of Blood you have collected.  They are sold in various sizes and increments at the Bloodlines Main Store, as well as at aftermarket Blood Banks.  The sizes range from 5 Liters to 200 Liters, and each increment can be sold either Full or Empty.  Prices vary for each scenario, so check with the Blood Lines Main Store for pricing options.  To buy a Cask or a Tank, simply stand before the vendor and left click the sign.  A Cask or Tank will appear on the stand in front of you.  Right click the Cask or Tank and choose "Buy".  A purchase confirmation will appear on your screen to alert you that the transfer of Lindens has occurred.  After the purchase is confirmed, then right click the Cask or Tank and select "Take".  This will move the purchased item into your inventory.  When I do this, I always click the sign again out of courtesy so that another Cask or Tank will already be rezzed on the stand for the next customer to buy.  It's a "Take one - Leave one" approach if you will, and is in my opinion simply an act of good etiquette or good manners (like opening a door for someone).
To use your new Cask or Tank, teleport to your home and find the object in your inventory.  Drag and drop it on the ground where you desire to place it.  When you do, the Cask or Tank will immediately cycle through a series of validations to register that cask to you.  Once it's been registered to you, you own it and have full owner permissions to use it as you desire.  The first and most crucial step now is to secure your cask, this will avoid Blood Theft issues.  To do this, left click your cask near the meter and from the drop down menu select "Security", then choose Access, then choose Restricted.  This will close your cask to access by you and others that you approve by name, or by group.  You can always modify or adjust this setting later to allow others to use your cask.  To fill your cask, left click and choose "Fill", then select the amount you desire to transfer from your body.  The system will automatically move that volume of blood from you to your cask if the cask you purchased is not entirely full.  To drink, left click and choose "Drink", and select the volume you desire to consume.  If that amount is available in your cask, and you have that much room empty inside your body, you'll consume that amount of blood.  The blood levels inside your body and your cask are updated with the bloodlines system automatically, so keeping track of levels both inside yourself and your cask is pretty simple.
If you want others to be able to drink from your cask, you have a few different options.  You can leave your cask on open access, you can close access and set a user list, or you can set your cask to group access allowing others in your group to drink from it.  All of these combinations are available through the "Security" menu when you left click your cask.
In my opinion, a cask is the first tool a vampire should purchase after entering the realm.  Prices vary according to size, and whether the container is full or empty.  Check with the vendor for current pricing information and proper details.  Enjoy, and see you in-world! :)

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