Thursday, December 16, 2010

TOOLS OF THE TRADE - Part 2 - The Spike

THE TOOLS OF THE TRADE - Part 2 - The Spike
The Bloodlines system has many tools that perform a wide variety of functions, and a good knowledge of these tools will serve you well as you gain experience. 

THE SPIKE:  Have you ever tried to drain 5 Full Liters of Blood from an avatar during a turning.....using only bites?  Or have you ever had need to retrieve large quantities of Blood from one of your Human Beloveds to share with your vampires in need, and wished there was a faster way?  These are situations that arise daily in the Bloodlines Realm, and without the proper tool can be time consuming and frustrating events.  I mean seriously, to drain a new turn of their humanity from scratch using only bites would take an inordinate amount of time (20 bites or more).  Thankfully, the Bloodlines System has a tool to assist you with these situations, and it's reasonably priced.  It's called The Spike.
The Spike is designed to assist in the rapid draining of Blood from an avatar.  In fact, as much as 75% of an avatar's humanity can be drained with one strike of the Spike if you are sufficiently drained yourself as the tool user.  This makes for an efficient and handy way to withdrawal large sums of blood in less time, making the process of draining less cumbersome and burdensome on those participating.
Here's how the Spike works.  To use it, you must locate the item in your inventory and right click to wear it.  The Spike will appear as an ornamental object on your right wrist.  Before you attack with it, ensure you've drained yourself to the lowest level possible while avoiding accidental destruction of yourself.  I typically drain myself to a half liter of Blood (0.5 Liters).  At this low level of blood in my body I'm able to spike the maximum amount of Blood in one strike (75%, or 3.75 Liters).  Once you've drained to an appropriate level, you left click the spike on your arm, and watch for the menu to appear.  Choose "Attack", then choose the avatar near you that you desire to Spike Blood from, then choose the amount you're requesting to take.  The other avatar will get a menu asking them if this is okay, and will ask them to confirm the amount they will allow you to take.  Once they accept, the animation will proceed and you will be able to see in local chat the amount you successfully collected.  Easy peezy.  At the time of this posting The Spike retails for 499L$.
The next posting will cover the Soul Reaper.  Enjoy all! :)

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