Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wisdom Scroll Hunt on the Haud Pluvia SIM

Greetings dear family!

An old sage has visited our SIM and has hidden 3 Wisdom Scrolls on our land....a Black Scroll, a Green Scroll, and a Red Scroll. These scrolls contain wisdom and knowledge that we all can benefit from, and we're very eager to find them. But we need your help to locate them.

Each Scroll contains a word. We must know these words! The first 15 that locate the scrolls and can tell Donovan OHanlon the words they contain will be rewarded with 50 Linden Dollars as your prize. Come and look for them on the Haud Pluvia Home SIM, and if you find all three, message Donovan with the words and a Date/Time stamp included in the body of your message to win.

The truth is, if we find these Scrolls and learn from them.....we ALL win....but the first 15 will share in the Prize. The hunt will be open for 72 hours. Good Luck!