Friday, December 17, 2010

TOOLS OF THE TRADE - Part 3 - The Soul Reaper

THE TOOLS OF THE TRADE - Part 3 - The Soul Reaper

THE SOUL REAPER:  Have you ever had a minion ask you to move their soul from their former Liege, to entrust it to you, and you don't have the Lindens for the Electrum Potion, or the trade soul that's required to force the move?  The Soul Reaper is an advanced tool that's sole purpose (pardon the pun) is to retrieve souls from another avatar at no additional expense.  When I've been able to use this tool I've been very satisfied with its performance and effectiveness.  However, getting to use it can be a challenge at times depending on the avatar that holds the soul you desire to take.  People leave families and change allegiances for a variety of reasons, but most typically it's due to some form of hurt feelings or other drama where feelings are strong.  There's a disagreement of some kind, someone takes offense and leaves a family, and then wants their soul moved to their new family.  This sounds reasonable, and in fact I advocate allowing the souls to move freely to wherever the avatar desires.  Not all Liege's think the same, and some may even outright refuse to allow the soul to leave their possession.  This, in my opinion, is usually some form of juvenile "Soul Counting" behavior whereby the Soul Count is more important to the soul holder than the desires of the minion.  But we'll address those types of etiquette in another posting.  If you cannot get the soul holder to agree to a soul reaping, you have no other option but an Electrum Potion.  If however, through diplomacy, you're able to arrange a reaping the process is smooth and simple.
Here's how the Soul Reaper works.  To use it, you must locate the item in your inventory and right click to wear it.  The Soul Reaper will appear as an ornamental object on your left wrist.  You must be in the presence of the person you desire to reap the soul from when you use this tool, and within 5 meters of them.  Stand in front of them and turn off your Animation Override (AO).  Left click your reaper, and a menu will appear.  Choose "Specific" and follow the menu prompt and type the avatar's name you desire to reap into the Local Chat.  Click done.  The other avatar will receive a menu prompt asking if the reaping is agreed to, and will need to confirm the transaction for the animation to take place.  Once they agree the soul will transfer to your custody for safe keeping.  Easy peezy again.  At the time of this posting The Soul Reaper retails for 599L$.
The next posting will cover Blood Casks and Tanks, how to purchase them, how to use them, and how to safeguard them for security.  Enjoy! :)

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