Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What's this my eyes behold? Snow!

Donovan wakes gently to a bright hue glaring through his window, and stretches his arms out before him warding off the temptation to return to slumber.  As his sleeves slip up along his wrists he notes a new crispness upon the air of his bed chamber.  Withdrawaling his comforter, he slides his feet from beneath the covers and places his feet to his familar floor.  As he stands and presses his feet to the boards, he shivers at the coolness of the planks and lazily maneuvers to the hearth in his kitchen to prepare morning coffee.  As he looks up from his labored steps he stops firm in place near his kitchen window.  His body stands firm upon the creaking floor as the hearth pops embers behind a chain-mailed curtain.  He gazes in wonder at the site that has overtaken his eyes beyond the panes of diamond shaped glass, obscured now by a hue of natures frost.  Snow!!!

Dear ones the holiday seasons are upon us, and in that spirit the Queen has worked very hard to provide the magic you've all come to expect.  Snow and wonder-land have decended upon the Haud Pluvia home SIM in Second Life.  Snow, winter camp fires, trees that have captured the crystaline aura of ice, ice name it...the magic his here!  Oh, and if you're feeling festive for a feast, visit the Tavern and have a gander.  The Queen, Nessa and Donovan have been cooking around the clock to provide you all a feast fit for you!  Stop by and have a look, bring your friends and frolic in the magesty of a winter landscape provided especially for you. 

We love you all so very much dear ones.  Let's make this year's holiday seasons some of the best and most memorable we've all known.

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