Monday, November 29, 2010

Donovan's Point of View - Part 4 - Monitoring Your Minion's Status To Care For Them

If you're a Liege, you should carefully monitor the status of your minions to assist them as they learn the basics of the system and to help them develop good techniques and habits to avoid trouble in the realm.  A basic way to do this is to invest a few moments each day on the Bloodlines Website to verify recent activity and look for warning signs of difficulty.  You will see that as you do this daily the amount of time required will decrease, and will become a normal part of your daily routine as a Liege.  This practice will also help you better understand your minions as well (i.e. how active are they, do they need reminding to feed, have they taken subordinate souls, etc.).  The better you understand your minions on a personal and game level the more effectively you can aide them as their leader.
To use the Bloodlines site, open your internet browser and go to and you will access the main page.  On the main page, in the search box, enter your own Second Life avatar name.  Ensure there is one space between your first and last name.   Use of capital and lower case letters is not required.  Now, either hit enter, or single left click the right directional arrow to the right of the name you just entered.  This will bring up your avatar's official Bloodlines Page.  You will note that this page contains information regarding your Bloodlines activities, to include your name, your race, your amount of Vital Blood or Lumens, the name of your Clan or Horde and your Liege's Name.  Also you will see that the page displays all avatars you have attacked, or that have attacked you, and the date of the attack.  A grey name indicates an avatar that you have bitten, but who has not equipped the Bloodlines HUD, and therefore has their soul waiting for you in Limbo.  Avatars who have a white dot to the left of their name are souls that you have taken in an attack, and those with a purple dot indicate a soul that has been lost to the Abyss.  Below your basic information you will see an area regarding Souls, Minions and Total Souls.  To check the status of a minion, simply left click their name from your minion list.  This action will bring up their page for you to view.  It's really quite simple to navigate through the website, and as you practice you will find the information easy to interpret and understand.  Make this process part of your daily routine.
If I find that a minion is not feeding or is approaching half full on Blood or Lumens as indicated on the website, I merely send them an Instant Message in world as a gentle reminder that they need to feed.  Often they are grateful for the reminder (as it's easy to slip someone's mind), and feel assured that I am caring for them by looking out for their status in Bloodlines.  Besides, who wouldn't want to know that someone cared enough to think of them each and every day?  See my point?  Ensure they have a landmark to the family casks or tanks with your reminder to make the process of feeding less cumbersome (as they might have lost the landmark, or misplaced it in their inventory).

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